Taking Care of the Details


Divorce is traumatic – for men and women equally.  It’s a major disruption in life, when life still has to go on and you still have to function.

There are many professionals to call on during the divorce process from realtors to financial advisers, to attorneys.  But in the end, the proof is in the paperwork. The paperwork of your life – bank statements, mortgages, investments, life insurance etc. etc.  Since every legal aspect changes, you will need to gather the new and former supporting documents. I have found that most people (even the most organized) just can’t seem to readily assimilate all the information necessary during the emotional turmoil and upheaval of their life.

I provide very personal, confidential services in your own home or office, to help gather essential documentation and bring sense and order to it.  It also helps you feel empowered in a situation that often makes you feel powerless. My one on one confidential consultation helps you conquer your paperwork to do lists, as well as assisting in other related things that must get done.  When we are done, you will have your own complete files or a notebook with essential information.

Having been through a very traumatic (aren’t they all??) divorce myself, with children at home, and trying to work and maintain sanity, I know what the drill is. I had very few people to call on for support and assistance.  I offer this service as part of my business, but it’s also my passion to be able to help people during this troubling time.

My consultations are extremely detailed and focused (even if you aren’t).  I have the patience to guide you through getting it all together – The Inventory and Appraisement can be daunting to some and I break it down for you and work hard with you to get it completed. I can help with setting up budgets if necessary.

I work with men or women in these consultations – both get equally devastated by the divorce process. But I only work with one person in a family.

Additional more involved services include a turnkey process to completely furnish the new residence with all the basics, have everything delivered and ready for moving in.  I can also help process related services for moving in, moving out and moving on.

If you would like a free 15 minute confidential phone consultation to discuss your particular needs, please call me at 214-680-1300.