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Call the Coordinizer for a consultation on special business logistic and organizational projects that you don’t have the manpower for. I can provide superior support to your executive level administration, with confidentiality and discretion.

I use good judgment in independent decision making. I am there to make your life easier and more efficient.

My solid problem solving skills include understanding a strong sense of urgency. My background and experience give me the tools to help you solve your office workflow dilemmas.

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Lisa Schnitzer

Lisa has over 25 years in office administration experience – covering 15 years managing a litigation law firm, office management for several large broadcasting companies, and a large tech startup, just to name a few.

The basis for each position provided Lisa with the skills she brings to the table for In Good Hands.  Lisa provides thorough and thoughtful solutions to every day business problems and challenges.  She can assess a situation and bring an organized and relevant solution to streamline the workflow.


Menu of Services

Women Owned Business Certification

Let me help you with the intricate journey of paperwork and regulations required to apply for your Women Owned Business Certification. I set up a program to assist and guide you through the process of attaining this prestigious certification. Call me for details for your specific business.


It was recently said about me that I had the neatest and most efficient supply room this vendor had ever seen. And he had seen thousands of them! I think that organizing or reorganizing as the case may be, within an organization, whether it is supplies, the file room or any other area where a lot has to fit into a small space, can be very frustrating for the facilities manager. Again, I see it as a blank canvas that I can fill in and make order and sense of what was once chaos. Looking for the tools of the trade is lost revenue time, so let’s put things where everyone can find them.

Law Firm Adds/Moves/Changes

With 15 years as an administrator of a very busy litigation law firm, the amount of services I offer are numerous. Setting up remote trial settings is my specialty – that includes negotiating hotel rooms, food vendors, copy vendors and the transportation of material to the trial site. I can make this such an easy transition for busy lawyers whose administrator is bogged down with other tasks. I’ll make sure the material gets there on time, and also that your special requests are handled too (like rooms away from the elevator noise!)

Let’s go to trial!


As a young person I was fascinated by the term “efficiency expert” and how one got to have that title. Now I “get it” and I love putting order in workflow systems. Whether it be an issue with a filing system, conference room scheduling system or just plain organization of who does what, I love the job of assessing the problem and finding a workable solution for everyone. I understand best practices and covering all the bases. And if you are a start up company and need help with “how to begin”, call me because I love fresh starts!

Concierge Services/Event Planning

Extensive experience in corporate gift giving, creating types of branding items for the company, employee gifts and rewards using branded items or your own criteria. I have coordinated luncheons, dinners, cocktail parties/receptions and holiday dinners for many types of businesses. I have caterers and other vendors I have used and depended on to support these types of projects. My creative side excels with the blank canvas of a party or a unique gift design. I am your holiday gift elf for your personal gifts and/or corporate gifts. Christmas in July is a real thing! Get a jump on the holiday rush.


If you are moving to a new corporate space, or moving a section of your business group to another floor or building, there needs to be someone you can depend on to coordinate and execute the move with the least amount of disruption to the workflow as possible. I can work with the moving company representative and the point person with your staff to help coordinate an efficient moving experience. My experience is extensive in this area.

Construction Manager

If you are planning a small remodel, or a full-scale corporate move to a new building or an office still under design, I can assist. I can be your go-between with the architect, construction company and building management. My experience includes many remodels, and complete design of new offices. I can help with furnishings and vendors for supplies and printing equipment. That’s why they call me the “Coordinizer”. I like putting all the pieces together.

Start Up

If you are a first time business owner, you will very likely need help setting up your office. That task can be daunting for you, when all you really want to do is get to WORK! You might need help with staffing, office machines, supplies, insurance and the list goes on and on. I’m here to help with that long list so you can start working! If you have split off from another office and need someone to bridge the transition as far as the office goes, that’s where I transition into “workflow” mode. Let me help.

General Organization

Sometimes you look around and say: wow this place is a mess. We need a massive overhaul cleanup. If you do this annually, you might not have a problem, but if your business has increased and items flow in and don’t have a home, clutter can take over. Call me to assess the situation and I can physically do the reorganization of whatever is overtaking your valuable space.

Vendor Contracts & Equipment Negotiations

If you need help with negotiating vendor contracts for copiers, printers, service contracts, I have massive experience with this field. I want to help you save money, be efficient and get the right tools for the job. Let me hold on the phone and do the research so you can go work and make money!

Interim Office Manager

Your OM quit, became ill, or you just are in between managers. Maybe I can be the bridge until your permanent help comes to the rescue. Need front desk training help? I can teach your receptionist how to be the best front office person you have ever seen. And if not, we will find you one who is! Running an office encompasses so many things. Let me use my expertise to help you.

Corporate Communications Writer (Ghost writer)

Need help with drafting just the right email to staff, corporate offices, or just no time to compose letters or emails. I’ll be your “wordsmith” and get you a draft using your criteria and my way with words. You would be surprised how many letters/emails I have “ghost written” just to save that person time and aggravation. Let the words flow………..

Home Office Organization

The home office is convenient. But it should also be as organized as a regular away from home office and often is it NOT. We tend to throw things here and there in the home office because it’s easier that way. And sometimes the space is small and there doesn’t seem to be enough room for everything. Let me take a crack at it and work some magic. If adding color to storage would make you more productive, we could add color. If understated and simple storage organization is more your style, we can do that too. And that list of bills piling up in the corner. I am happy to bill pay for you as well. Let me hold on the phone and argue with the electric company. I’m very practiced at that one! My goal is to make your space work for you!

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