#Austin. #Superhero. Once in a lifetime, maybe two; if an Executive is lucky do they ever meet, work with, employ or partner with a true operational and organizational superstar. Please let me introduce you to one of those rare gems. Having known and worked with her for well over 20 years, this superstar managed my start up growth from 4 people and an idea to a billion dollar valuation with offices in Dallas, NYC, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and more. Now she is out there helping others with their high end, high net worth and huge aspiration needs. Lisa can and will organize your life, your office, your holdings and -if regrettably you are going through a divorce- she will get you reoriented, refocused and relaunched. She’s now doing contract work, but no money can ever compensate her for her true worth to one’s business or life. If you are a high performance high achieving individual, then you need this superstar in your personal rolodex. She’s moved in the room with billionaires and as easily switches to handle a new hire or huge real estate move. I happily introduce you and highly recommend her to you here. If you want a personal introduction to her, ping me or look her up her on LinkedIn https://atxwoman.com/lisa-schnitzer/

–J. P.  – Founder-Inventor-Advisor-Investor


I recently used In Good Hands with Lisa Schnitzer while going through a sensitive matter. I highly recommend her service. She was professional, prompt, and pragmatic. She is knowledgeable about organizing documents systematically. She helped me stay on task in a way that would not divert our attention so we could finish the project in a timely manner. I felt prepared and empowered once complete. Excellent communication skills as well.



I worked with Lisa Schnitzer for over 15 years. She assisted three different law firms where I served as the managing partner.  Lisa handled projects involving every aspect of firm administration, from office set up, to construction and renovation project management, to corporate event planning, to arranging preparations for trials around the United States. There was not a project she failed to  successfully complete. There was not a deadline she failed to meet. She was in all instances dedicated, detail oriented, and a team leader. In my business the greatest compliments come from clients and even lawyers on the other side. Both groups of people from around the country always commented how beautiful our offices looked and how well run our firm was. Lisa was instrumental in both areas. I cannot recommend highly enough Lisa and her company.

–Alan S. Loewinsohn, Loewinsohn Flegle Deary LLP


Having had the privilege of working closely with Lisa for several years, I witnessed first-hand her total commitment to all projects with which she was presented attacking each with the same passion, tenacity, dedication and thoroughness, regardless of size. Her managerial and organizational skills are second to none and she executes these skills expertly without sacrificing her great personality, knowing just when to diffuse a stressful situation with her delightful sense of humor. Her verbal and written communication skills are outstanding. A valued team player, Lisa’s talents flourish when working in a group environment wherein she excels in engaging her team members to “get the job done” while at the same time making each and every member feel special and important. Lisa uniquely exhibits a blend of professionalism, education and competency that is unsurpassed and I would confidently recommend her and her company for any project.

–Joe Cannizzaro, I.T. Manager


After Lisa was hired we experienced rapid growth to over 340 employees.  Lisa with her excellent multi-tasking skills, was invaluable as we attempted to manage this growth and cater to an increasingly demanding high-energy staff.  Her attention to detail was impeccable.  She helped coordinate two office relations in less than two years.  She tirelessly worked as many hours as were required to complete her work in her areas of responsibility in office administration, facilities management and internal operations.  Her cost cutting efforts and eye for the best deals always saved the company money. She is a problem solver and can coordinate a smooth running and efficient office.

-W. Leftwich, CFO


I can confidently reccomend Lisa for any project you need managed with a high degree of skill and expertise. Lisa takes every single project and performs on a level like no other. She is meticulous, passionate and personally experienced in a wide variety of scenarios. No project is too large or too small for Lisa to handle. Rest assured you truly are in good hands with Lisa Schnitzer.

-Kozette Hedger, Business Owner


Lisa will impress you every step of the way. Her knowledge, experience and focus allow her to plan and execute while you tend to your own business or personal priorities. She successfully and proactively addresses any challenges, eliminating surprises. Lisa has what it takes to handle your job, great or small.

-Rusty Breedlove, Corcoran Group Real Estate, New York


I had the pleasure of working with Lisa on a three month expansion and remodel of an existing office space.  As a General Contractor I have the opportunity to work with a lot of construction managers/coordinators and Lisa by far exceeded my expectations. The job required nights and weekends as the space was occupied and Lisa worked tirelessly making sure every detail was addressed.  Her scheduling, time management and dedication was invaluable. The experience and professionalism she brought to the project left me with no doubt that she is at the top of her game.

-Ron Maeder, General Contractor