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Women Owned Business Certification

Let me help you with the intricate journey of paperwork and regulations required to apply for your Women Owned Business Certification. I set up a program to assist and guide you through the process of attaining this prestigious certification. Call me for details for your specific business.

Divorce Concierge Services

Offering many levels of assistance to both men and women going through the divorce process, helping with filling out Inventory and Appraisements, and gathering paperwork necessary for the financial advisor, realtor and insurance vendors. I work with clients in their home gathering these documents so crucial to their lives going forward. I also offer a turnkey program for furnishing the new house or apartment. I work with attorneys and their referrals, or word of mouth referrals. All work is confidential.



As a young person I was fascinated by the term “efficiency expert” and how one got to have that title. Now I “get it” and I love putting order in workflow systems. Whether it be an issue with a filing system, conference room scheduling system or just plain organization of who does what, I love the job of assessing the problem and finding a workable solution for everyone. I understand best practices and covering all the bases. And if you are a start up company and need help with “how to begin”, call me because I love fresh starts!



Interim Office Manager

Your OM quit, became ill, or you just are in between managers. Maybe I can be the bridge until your permanent help comes to the rescue. Need front desk training help? I can teach your receptionist how to be the best front office person you have ever seen. And if not, we will find you one who is! Running an office encompasses so many things. Let me use my expertise to help you.

Corporate Communications Writer (Ghost writer)

Need help with drafting just the right email to staff, corporate offices, or just no time to compose letters or emails. I’ll be your “wordsmith” and get you a draft using your criteria and my way with words. You would be surprised how many letters/emails I have “ghost written” just to save that person time and aggravation. Let the words flow………..

Home Office Organization

The home office is convenient. But it should also be as organized as a regular away from home office and often is it NOT. We tend to throw things here and there in the home office because it’s easier that way. And sometimes the space is small and there doesn’t seem to be enough room for everything. Let me take a crack at it and work some magic. If adding color to storage would make you more productive, we could add color. If understated and simple storage organization is more your style, we can do that too. And that list of bills piling up in the corner. I am happy to bill pay for you as well. Let me hold on the phone and argue with the electric company. I’m very practiced at that one! My goal is to make your space work for you!


Moving On and Moving Out

If you are pre planning for the passing of a loved one, or if you are planning after their passing, the gathering of necessary paperwork and items needs to settle the estate can be overwhelming. Often the children don’t reside in the same city as their loved one and need a helping hand from someone local who can help gather and coordinate the information needed for attorneys and other professionals involved in the process.

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